Home Stays

   Home stay is one of the many innovative practices of kerala that has attracted attention and acceptence of both policy makers and the tourists at largr scale. The genises of home stay in Kerala can be traced back to the bed and breakfasts(B&B's),Inns and Monasteries.The B&B concept has existed in one form or another since the begining of civilization.The home stays in Kerala are a more comprehensive concept that provides a supplementory accomodation experience to tourists in a homely environment.

 A family business

   Accommodation is one of the major segments offering employment opportunities to millions of people.Unlike hotel/resorts home stays offer accommodation facility in a homely environmnet. Home stays provide unique opportunity for all kinds of travellers to gain first-hand experience of a place, its culture,traditions and people.Homestays are meant to offer comfortable accommodation in an informal atmosphere with family interaction while promoting localised tour.Today,both budjet and premium travellers wish to find the best homestays that are according to their intrest and expectations.